How to awaken the female libido: the best tips

It happens to almost all couples over time: the man feels that his desire to have sex is always higher than his partner. A misunderstanding that generates a lot of confusion in life as a couple, but can be easily resolved if we know the proper techniques. For a long time, and even today, it has been taken for granted that men are always more willing to have sex than women. That’s not true. The reality is that men and women have the same need and desire for sex, but their cycles work differently. Something that has kept experts confused for a long time.

Work on the preliminaries.

As Basson points out in his study, many women make room for sex without having a real desire, but if things are done right, it ends up appearing. Many men find it hard to accept that their wives make love just to please them, but that’s a half-truth: although it may seem contradictory, the fact that many women don’t feel desire at the beginning of a sexual intercourse doesn’t mean they don’t want to have it, quite the opposite. Why not focus our efforts on making the desire appear? This is achieved by lengthening the preliminaries, being affectionate and delaying the moment of intercourse until the woman is really excited. If it is done well, Watson assures that “sex can end up being wild and passionate”, because the greater the excitement, the more pleasant the orgasm.

He shows satisfaction and bets for what he likes

With tactile and erotic stimuli the woman begins to focus on sex. If in the immediate past relationships have been pleasurable, then she will begin to have positive feelings. But if not, it will be more difficult for you to enjoy sex. That’s why we should always try to be optimistic in our relationships, showing satisfaction and gratitude, which will make the next intercourse work better. In short, as Watson explains, “the woman will feel that the effort is worth it”. This includes encouraging practices that work and avoiding those that have not. And this varies from couple to couple.

Pick a good time

Women cannot concentrate on sex if they have an emotional problem with their partner. After a fight, for example, it makes no sense to make love, because even if a woman wants to have sex, her emotional connection will take its toll on the act itself. In short, the couple has to be in an emotionally stable moment to be able to make love. And this is not solved by sex. If you’ve had a fight, it’s best to try another time.

The orgasm should not always be the goal

For a man, a satisfying sexual relationship involves reaching orgasm but, according to Watson, this is not always the case for women. For them, in many occasions, it is enough to experience intercourse, in which they feel a great pleasure. Paradoxically, this is a problem especially for men, who feel a great frustration if they do not get their partner to reach orgasm. It is true that never having orgasms is a problem, but if it happens from time to time should not be given greater importance. In many cases, women simply do not look for it, nor do they need it.

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